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Slow your aging process; replenish NAD+ to improve cellular energy & health.

Scientific breakthroughs have demonstrated that replenishing NAD+ is essential to maintain cellular defence in the face of these everyday stressors, so you can maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

NAD stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide.
NAD+ is found in every cell in your body and high NAD+ levels are needed to maintain cellular health.
Scientific research shows that NAD+ has multiple functions, but the two most important are:

1. Chief energy metabolist: we depend on NAD+ to convert the nutrients in our food into cellular energy.

2. Cellular health: NAD+ is responsible for switching on important health and cellular maintenance processes.

Unfortunately, the amount of NAD+ produced in the body declines as we get older, halving every twenty years. This means that by the time we reach our 40's, the effects of reduced cellular function are starting to be felt. With declining levels of NAD+, cells cannot function like they used to. They cannot produce the right levels of energy and they cannot maintain critical cellular processes.

This is why NAD+ supplement to improve the cell’s ability to make and recycle NAD+ can help you keep a proactive approach to maintaining your health and fitness as you get older.

It is recommended that you continuously take Nuchido TIME+ to maintain the beneficial effects. Boosting NAD+ is not just about repairing damage in your cells but also preventing damage in your cells. Taking Nuchido TIME+ should be seen as a long term investment in your cellular health.



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It is hard to answer this question as everyone’s biology is unique, so efficacy will depend on range of factors including an individual’s age and general health.

At a cellular level we have found in clinical testing that cellular NAD+ levels rise on average by 242% within two weeks of consuming Nuchido TIME+.

Feedback demonstrates that some people notice a positive different to their health within a week of using Nuchido TIME+, others don’t see or feel noticeable changes in their health but then on reflection they recognize more subtle benefits.

To achieve the recommended dose of each ingredient we advise taking the full dosage of 6 capsules per day. Nuchido Time + study results are based on taking the full dosage. However, if you are just starting to use Nuchido TIME+, or are frequently forgetting your second dose, feedback demonstrates that taking just 3 capsules per day will still provide benefits.


Nuchido TIME+ is a food supplement that is compliant with all UK and EU food supplement regulations (we are a UK based company). All of the ingredients in Nuchido TIME+ are classified as safe and have been assessed and approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Nuchido TIME+ is manufactured in the UK to rigorous pharmaceutical standards. Our facility follows good manufacturing practice (GMP) protocols, to ensure safety, quality and avoidance of contamination.

Nuchido TIME+ contains a tiny amount of natural caffeine. This only occurs in the product as a natural constituent of the green tea and isn't added in its anhydrous form.

Nuchido TIME+ is both vegan and gluten free. It is also approved by the Vegan Society.


What to Expect

Nuchido Time+ comes in capsule form and 3 capsules need to be taken twice a day. It can be made into a tea.

Am I Suitable

Common Side Effects

NAD supplement options are generally well-tolerated and don't seem to pose much risk for side effects when used for durations of about 12 to 24 weeks. Certain side effects are still possible, however, and may include nausea, fatigue, headaches, diarrhoea, stomach discomfort and indigestion.

You do not have to take Nuchido TIME+ with food. However, if you suffer from nausea when taking capsules generally, then we recommend they are taken alongside or after food consumption to reduce any potential nausea.

Aftercare & Treatment FAQ's

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